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Seeking Justice for Workers Who Were Injured By Employer Mandated Vaccines



I started my law firm for one reason: to obtain justice for workers injured by Covid vaccines. For now, you cannot sue Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson directly if you were injured by one of their products. That is because Congress has exempted them from liability. If we can show that Big Pharma falsified their data or concealed known side effects, we will be able to penetrate their immunity and obtain justice for all vaccine injuries. However, doing so will take years. My firm is dedicated to obtaining justice for injured workers now. 


Even though you cannot bring a claim directly against Big Pharma at this time, you can bring a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if your employer mandated that you take a Covid vaccine as a condition of obtaining or continuing employment. If you were injured by an employer-mandated vaccine, my firm can get you workers’ compensation benefits now.


Obtaining justice will require workers coming forward who have the courage to talk about their vaccine injuries. Justice will also depend on doctors coming forward who are willing to treat vaccine injuries and who are brave enough to testify about the vaccine injuries they have diagnosed. If you are a provider who is willing to treat vaccine injuries, please contact my office so we can help our clients find the medical help they need and deserve.

My firm represents injured workers throughout the State. I’m Ben Carlisle, the workers’ rights attorney for New York.




Tel: 716-553-8841



I graduated from UB Law in 2008, and then practiced workers’ compensation law with a boutique firm in downtown Buffalo for over a decade. I have won thousands of cases in workers’ compensation court representing both employees and employers. I started my own firm so I can concentrate my attention on workers who have been injured by employer-mandated vaccines. My passion for this area of the law is heavily influenced by my wife’s experience as a health care professional.

My wife is an ER doctor. She worked all through the pandemic at a hospital in Buffalo. In November 2021, she was forced to resign her position because she would not comply with Governor Hochul’s Covid vaccine mandate for health care workers. Now she commutes to Florida for work. Over 40,000 health care workers in New York made the same decision as my wife. They walked away from careers, and in many instances uprooted their families to find work in other states.

Countless other workers wanted to decline the vaccine, but they could not afford a break in employment, and moving to a different state was not a practical option. Beyond the health care worker mandate, many other employers voluntarily imposed a vaccine mandate on all of their workers. Tragically, many workers who were forced to take the vaccine as a condition of employment have suffered debilitating adverse effects. My firm is dedicated to obtaining justice for workers all over New York who have been injured by employer-mandated vaccines.




Tel: 716-553-8841

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